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Photo credit by Anne Sophie
Photo credit by Anne Sophie
Photo credit by Anne Sophie
Photo credit by Anne Sophie

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Pisanki wielkanocne

Easter Eggs, the Polish “Pisanki” can be true works of art. Their preparation varies from region to region. At first boiled, then they are hand painted with skill. The carefully emptied shells are decorated with fabric, ribbons, lace and precious materials. These eggs, like the Polish Easter palms, are a true ethnic souvenir brought by […]

International women’s day

Women Always keep in mind that skin wrinkles, hair goes white, days become years…But the important is not to change; your strength and conviction don’t have an age.Your spirit is any spider-web’s glue.Behing every finishing line there’s another one that starts.Behind every success there’s another disappointment.For the time you’re alive, feel alive. If you miss […]

Why don’t you start learning Polish?

by Beata Sobieszek-Fert, Polish language Teacher for Foreigners Talking to some of you I can hear very often that it is not worth learning Polish because it is a very difficult language and it is only spoken in Poland. You also acknowledge that as a foreigner you can use English to communicate with anyone. Are […]

Valentine’s day in Poland

Every year we do celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s obvious that we celebrate love on this day, but did you ever thought why we do this? How did it started? To get know about this we have to move back to the third century. To the Empire of Rome. One of the Caesars forbid to merry […]


20th April 2021 Webminar: prepare yourself for Summer

Presented by Or Hever, Move4Life •CEO – MOVE4LIFE •PERSONAL TRAINER •PHYSIOTHERAPIST •PUBLIC SPEAKER A Trainer in the Israeli army. Continued his passion for sports & movement by graduating physical education college in Israel majoring in Postural rehabilitation, later graduated from the Medical University in Poznan, where he studied Physiotherapy. Volunteered in the Local Student Government […]

Personal growth webminar by Helena Durovcikowa: 17Th March

Living in harmony with oneself There are points in our life where certain events may seem too difficult for us to deal with. Do you feel burned-out or depressed?  Do you have troubles in relations with other people?  Do you want to change your life? About me My name is Helena Durovcikova. I had completed […]

Mindful eating and functional nutrition: 24Th February

Eat right, feel amazing by Malgorzata Pielichowska Hi my name is Malgorzata Pielichowska, I am a clinical nutritionist, psychodietetics specialist and personal treiner. I am a certified Pilates and TRX instructor. I promote consciuos eating and emphasizw the role of goodness towards one’s own body. I have never been a supporter of popular ‘diets’, […]

Discover Warsaw: Walking tour on 29th September 2020

29th September The outnum has just started but we still enjoy walking. This time we decided to meet in an area of Old Town. Just in front of the statue of world famous Polish astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik, coled by foreigners in Latin as Nicolaus Copernicus. There couldn’t be a better place for him, as in […]



Join IWG, Make more interesting your life in Warsaw, Poland!

Our membership is currently around 150 women of more than 40 nationalities.

For many of us joining the IWGW was the best way to start a social life when we arrived to Warsaw.