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Photo credit by Anne Sophie
Photo credit by Anne Sophie
Photo credit by Anne Sophie
Photo credit by Anne Sophie

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Why don’t you start learning Polish?

by Beata Sobieszek-Fert, Polish language Teacher for Foreigners Talking to some of you I can hear very often that it is not worth learning Polish because it is a very difficult language and it is only spoken in Poland. You also acknowledge that as a foreigner you can use English to communicate with anyone. Are […]

Valentine’s day in Poland

Every year we do celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s obvious that we celebrate love on this day, but did you ever thought why we do this? How did it started? To get know about this we have to move back to the third century. To the Empire of Rome. One of the Caesars forbid to merry […]

Fat Thursday

February 11th, Thursday is the last Thursday of Carnival and it is called Tłusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday).In the Slavic culture, also in pre-Christian times, people were eating fat pastries during theircelebrations.Pączki (donuts) are the iconic symbol of Fat Thursday.Here in Poland, donuts are round cakes fried inthe deep fat. It is present in Polish culture […]

Flying information during lockdown:

Dear IWG travelers, We’re living in difficult times,If you would like to return to your country with charter flights during #covid19 quarantine, please check the country’s national airline and embassy websites. #stayhome#zostanwdomu#evdekal you can find some helpful


Mindful eating and functional nutrition: 24Th February

Eat right, feel amazing by Malgorzata Pielichowska Hi my name is Malgorzata Pielichowska, I am a clinical nutritionist, psychodietetics specialist and personal treiner. I am a certified Pilates and TRX instructor. I promote consciuos eating and emphasizw the role of goodness towards one’s own body. I have never been a supporter of popular ‘diets’, […]

Discover Warsaw: Walking tour on 29th September 2020

29th September The outnum has just started but we still enjoy walking. This time we decided to meet in an area of Old Town. Just in front of the statue of world famous Polish astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik, coled by foreigners in Latin as Nicolaus Copernicus. There couldn’t be a better place for him, as in […]

Explore the secrets of Łazienki Park: 15th September

On 15th September we took a walk around Łazienki Park. The weather was cooperating with us: sun was shining, clouds disappeared  and it was warm like in the mid summer. Although almost everybody has been to Łazienki Park before our walk, the group was interested in the history and beauty of the place. We met […]

Online Coffee Morning- 6th April 2020

What a great way to get together with members and friends!! Once again, we would like to invite you to our next ONLINE coffee morning. Cake tastes better together so join us with a hot coffee, and catch up with your friends..Choose any of the link below.. and join in our Virtual Coffee Mornings..



Join IWG, Make more interesting your life in Warsaw, Poland!

Our membership is currently around 150 women of more than 40 nationalities.

For many of us joining the IWGW was the best way to start a social life when we arrived to Warsaw.