Coronavirus latest updates

Coronavirus latest updates

Updated: 26th April 2020

Dear IWG members

International Women’s Group of Warsaw has compiled a list of resources to help our community navigate the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Social media is an enormous source of information but sometimes, false information is also there, which creates fear and panic. For this reason, we are providing a list of sites to get official information provided by the government authorities, and  also the sites in which information is provided by professional journalists.

Underneath is the  summary of the announcements by Polish Government on COVID-19.

Schools, Kindergartens, nurseries, universities remain closed until 24th May, 2020

  • Classes remain online.

Date of Exams

  • Matriculation exams (High school) will be held between 8th and 29th June. There will be no online exams (only written).
  • Eighth grade exams will be held between 16th and 18th June.

Number of customers in shopping outlets, post offices & fair

  • For stores with a service area of ​​less than 100 m2: 4 people for one cash desk. So if there are 2 cash desks in the store, there can be 8 customers in the store at one time.
  • For stores with a service area of ​​more than 100 m2: 1 person per 15 m2 of this area. That is, in a store with an area of ​​300 m2, there can be 20 clients in the store at one time.
  • Grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies will only serve to people over 65 years of age between 10:00-12:00 from Monday to Friday. This restriction does not apply on weekends.
  • Petrol Stations are excluded from this rule of “senior hours”.
  • In Fair: a maximum of as many people as the number of sales points multiplied by 4 can stay in the marketplace or bazaar.
  • In Post Offices: there can be as many people in the mail area as the number of mailboxes multiplied by 2.

Lifting ban on forests, parks, recreational movement & adult supervision 

  • Movement for recreation is allowed, you will be able to enter forests and parks. You do not need to cover the face however maintain distance.
  • Playground and zoological gardens will remain closed.
  • Use of city bikes is prohibited.
  • Religious worship:1 person per 15m²
  • Children who are at least 13 years old will be able to move without adult supervision. However, maintain 2 meters distance and cover mouth.

Important obligation: Mandatory use of Masks

Starting Thursday, April 16, it is mandatory to cover the airways with a garment, mask or plastic protective mask in public spaces, especially those where there may be in contact with other people

  • Maintaining a 2-meter distance in public space from others,
  • Strict compliance with sanitary rules in places where people are gathered (disinfection and maintaining a proper distance),
  • Quarantine and isolation for infected or potentially infected persons
  • It is mandatory to cover your mouth:
    • In public spaces, including public roads and squares, private roads, regardless of whether people travel on foot, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or other vehicle.
    • Means of public transport and private transport of people, (in case of cars it does not apply to family members who live together)
    • Vehicles in which people who do not share the same home travel,
    • Companies and offices, excluding employed personnel who do not serve clients (companies will establish internal criteria adapting them to the peculiarities of their activity),
    • Public buildings, excluding employed personnel who do not serve clients,
    • Other public spaces such as shops and services.
    • Places of worship

These provisions will NOT apply to:

  • People unable to cover their airways on their own because of health disorders.. 
  • Children under 4 years of age. 
  • Nor will they affect priests during the exercise of the priestly ministry.
  • The security services, in the exercise of their functions, may require uncovering the face for the purposes of identification.

Restrictions extended to 9th May, 2020

-Any kind of domestic or international air travel remains suspended.

International rail services remains suspended until further notice.

Restrictions on shopping, miscellaneous services

-Large-scale construction stores will be closed on weekends.

-Hotels and other accommodations operating on a short-term rental basis will be closed. However, this rule does not apply if the facility is used for people in Quarantine or by medical staff.

-All restaurants, cafes and bars can only provide take out and delivery services. 

-The list of people to be quarantined is expanded. Now, everyone who lives with a person (quarantined) will be quarantined as well.

-All hairdressing salons, tattoo & piercing salons are closed without exceptions. Home visits is also not an option.

-Restrictions of movement is exempted for an employee, owner of business or farm, volunteer fighting COVID-19, grocery shopping, buying medicines, walking a dog.

-The obligation to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between pedestrians. This applies to families too. Parents taking care of kids under 13 years and care takers of disabled persons are exempted from this regulation.

-In public transport, half the seats should be vacant, including vehicles with more than 9 seats. The rule does not apply to passenger cars.

-All employees must wear gloves or have access to disinfectant fluid.

-All cultural institutions shall remain closed. It includes muse, art galleries, theaters, operas, cinemas, film clubs, libraries.

Until 3rd May, 2020 the following restriction applies:

– Borders are closed. But it does not apply to

  • Polish citizens 
  • Spouses & children of polish citizens, people with pole’s card, persons with permanent or temporary residence card will be able to enter the country.
  • Foreigners who run a means of transport used to transport goods
  • A mandatory 14 days quarantine is imposed for people returning from abroad.

Until further notice:

  • Total ban on gatherings, meetings and events. Except your loved ones. However, a restriction of 5 people is imposed to participate in any religious rite.
  • Workplaces are excluded from this restriction. However, the employer must provide all safety gear and maintain 1.5 meter distance between stations
  • Gyms, swimming pools, fitness and dance clubs will also remain closed.

The restrictions do not apply to:

  • People commuting to work. Business owners farm owners.
  • People buying necessary food items, medicines.
  • People volunteering and helping others to fight COVID-19
  • People walking dog or taking care of relatives.

Some important information:

  • The penalty for non-compliance of quarantine regulations is increased from PLN 5,000 to PLN 30,000.
  • Suspension of classes does not mean holidays or vacations. The Government has enforced e-learning for all schools and colleges.
  • 19 medical facilities are transformed into infectious hospitals to deal with coronavirus patients.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland has launched a hotline regarding the possibility of crossing borders. For information, please call +48225238880
The PM has appealed to everyone especially children and young people, to spend time at home in the coming days, weeks. The best way to protect yourself from virus is to frequently WASH HANDS with SOAP and water before preparing food, meals, after coughing, sneezing and using the bathrooms. Hands must be washed for a full 20-40 seconds using the technique. And then hands should be dried on disposable paper towels.
Useful website links:
Official Polish Government COVID -19 Information
World Health Organization
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Worldometer – real time world statistics

Note: If you open the link in Google Chrome it can automatically translate in your native language.
The above information is given to the best of our knowledge and ability, but please check the links to confirm.