The Polish Government is taking preventive measures, in order to minimize the effects of the coronavirus spread. Starting tomorrow i.e. March 12, 2020 colleges, schools and kindergartens will be closed as well as cultural facilities, cinemas, museums and theaters.

It has been suggested to remind our kids that this is not a holiday to meet with friends, but a measure to stay away, avoiding contact, until things get better.

IWG is suggesting you to minimize the quantity of meetings with people and even cancel meetings to protect ourselves and the community in general.

Our Activity Leaders, have already communicated to the participants about cancellations and offering new dates to meet in the future.

We are cancelling our Monday Coffee Mornings at wilanow for the time being.

Walking group in centrum is on tomorrow as usual because they are in the open air.

Regarding the Centrum Monday Coffee Morning, be patient… by friday the coordinators will decide whether they meet next Monday.

If you wish to get local news in English:

Remember… even if we are not meeting personally, we are still here!  

So, let us know if you have any questions and we all will try to help with the answers.

You may schedule group chats via Skype or other similar tools.

Fortunately, we have internet tools to be in contact: We have our emails, our facebook page, messenger and our webpage (!

Stay in “virtual” touch!!!