HIPOTERAPIA              Disabled Children Aid Foundation

HIPOTERAPIA Disabled Children Aid Foundation

Focused on rehabilitation and social integration of disabled children and youth, as well as struggle for their due right”.

“In this time of pandemia, we stay at home and have no chances of spending money in cafés or restaurants. Shall we use those “savings” to help?”

We can transfer from home, it is very easy:

Bank Account: 39102011690000890200095356

Name: Fundacja Hipoterapia

Address: Ul. Na Ubocze 18 – 02-971 Warszawa

Hipoterapia is a non-profit organization that offers therapy with horses for disabled persons. The effects of these therapies are amazing. When there seems to be no hope, Hipoterapia comes in and generates unexpected improvement in the development of the disabled.

As most NPO’s Hipoterapia needs the support of the community to pay for the expenses, in order to be able to offer their services at low prices to those in need. 

Due to the pandemic, all therapies have been suspended, so they do not have enough income (from usually low fees they charge) to pay for basic expenses, like feeding the horses. This is really dramatic.

As soon as things get better, we need Hipoterapia to keep on offering the therapies. And we need to keep the horses fed and the basic installations in good conditions.

In March Monthly Meeting we had the pleasure to have Mrs. Anna Struminska the president of Hypotherapia foundation whose purpose is very noble in keeping the joy of disabled children with the help of horses. Here is the download link for the presentation of Hipoterapia Foundation .

  • Learn how for over 30 years, the Foundation has been supporting disabled children in regaining their health and joy of life (hippotherapy center , therapeutic center offering wide rage selection of specialists, workshops, publishing, hippoterapists training)
  • Meet their famous beautiful, friendly and awesome horses and dedicated hippotherapists, sensitive, knowledgeable and patient adults accompanying children in this adventure
  • Understand how courageous and dedicated are disabled children to ride a horse, why they love it and why it so important for their health and life
  • Supporting disabled children, primarily by the means of therapeutic sessions, supporting and popularizing hippotherapy as a rehabilitation method for some diseases in children and youth.