Monthly Meeting- 9th of March

Monthly Meeting- 9th of March

She enlightened us with the very key aspects of travel industry which we all should be aware of. The attendees were thrilled and we had a healthy question answer round.

Secondly, we had the pleasure to have Mrs. Anna Struminska the president of Hypotherapia foundation whose purpose is so noble that we were so touched and moved by her and her team efforts in keeping the joy of disabled children with the help of horses.

After a small technical hiccup, we welcomed Mrs. Lisa Rheinberg who is an extinguished health coach one of the very few in Poland. She did a wellness mapping exercise which helped us unravel some key surprises and insights of our life and led us thinking of our own wellness.

This day was coming to an end but not without the remarkable insights of expatriate life with Mr. Gabriel Ellis. He unraveled a “wheel of balance” which helped us understand that expat relationships are based on mutual appreciation else it gives occurrences to conflict.

And we said our goodbyes to fellow members and we reminded ourselves to sanitize our hands repetitively, and greet each other with NAMASTEY.

Stay healthy and safe until we meet again.

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